Right Wing News’ White Supremacy Propaganda

The following image was shared from Right Wing News on my Facebook timeline by a friend wanting me to debunk it. So I did.


1. “Ask the average school student about slavery and they think that only white people had slaves”

What’s the difference between a school student and a student? Did they mean high school student? Without a source, this claim can be dismissed. I’m not about to conduct a poll to prove it wrong.

2. “In the 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million white Europeans in the Barbary slave trade.”

Rewritten to be factual and grammatically correct: “Between the 16th and 19th centuries, pirates from coastal cities in North Africa enslaved as many as 1.25 million Europeans during the Barbary slave trade.”

The region of North Africa that we’re referring to, the Barbary Coast, is populated almost entirely by Arab-Berbers (97–99%). Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa west of the Nile. They are caucasian, not black. Furthermore, not all Europeans are white. The image is promoting a racist agenda by making it sound as if blacks were enslaving whites.

3. “Whites were the first to stop slavery in modern times…”

This is true. It’s also convenient that the time period is restricted to the beginning of the modern era. Even more convenient, of course white-dominated modern societies would be more likely to end slavery. That’s where most of the slaves were! You can’t end slavery in a place that doesn’t have slaves to begin with.

4. “…whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day.”

The word “whereas” denotes a contradiction or comparison, but there is none. Yes, there is slavery in Africa. There’s slavery on every continent except Antarctica.


13 thoughts on “Right Wing News’ White Supremacy Propaganda

    • In 2016 any idiot that graduates with an African Studies degree or one that requires that class seem to think only blacks were enslaved in North America. As well as the only slaves that were traded on the Trans Atlantic slave trade was black.

      The most Africans imported was to South America and Central America.

      This was partially because of the wide spread and ignored literal enslavement of the English poor. There were more white slaves than African slaves in North America.

      The African slaves were treated better than the whites, as they were seen to have more value. They revolted less and we’re used to keep white slaves in line in some plantations.

      More than likely this is in response to the Black Supremacist movement that has been on the rise in North America.

      The chief propaganda all white people owe reparations, and all white people should feel guilty for stolen Africans in chains. When a lot of my family were stolen from England and wore the same chains.

      I don’t owe reparations, I shouldn’t feel guilty for something my ancestors also experienced, and treated less than the black slave.

      Let’s end racism, by accepting racism was not the cause of slavery in North America.

      That White and Black Supremacists are full of shit. As well as the ideology that propagates this division.

      More than half the whites in the Colonies of North America were slaves.

      All of them were treated as property.

      • As a jew I find the holocaust itself problematic. As it wasnt at all just jews that were killed. If we want to start at the first body count of the reich. Which was Germany’s Parlament and leadership. Then anyone who spoke against the Nazi’s before taking power. Christians, Non Christians, Jews, Homosexuals and more fled from Germany to Britain. My great grandfather being one of those refugees who joined the British Air Force.

        The Holocaust didnt exactly happen how we are taught in school. While the rounding up of the jews sending them to camps did happen. Non jews and dissidents were also sent to the camps. Poland got it the worst of that. There were so many mass graves found, some being uncovered today. It wasnt just about killing Jews. And the focus on him killing jews which was half the victims of the holocaust. The death camps, the experimentation camps, etc.

        Not to mention those executed on the streets. The jewish only holocaust didnt exactly happen. Thats not saying the holocaust didnt happen. But when we talk about the holocaust we focus on the Jew only half of those effected.

        Thats ignoring the holocausts Stalin and Mao did. Who killed more religious people in general than Hitler.

        Ive been looking up different citations and colonial newspapers. There was a slav trade before blacks were traded. Imdentured Servants were what we called the white slaves. The Irish and British poor. The kidnappings that all checks out from my independant research. The authors politics dont really matter. It doesnt effect me, because ive read enough Nazi indoctrination training books that trained the propagandists, that I can sift through propaganda and seperate the propaganda from the truth.

        Sometimes when you study the most evil people in history who was blatently evil, you can also see the evil wrapped up in something good.

        White guilt for example is mostly based on propaganda and does nothing positive. The German guilt pushed today on Germany by Germany will attract people to those lies more.

        White guilt in America is predicated on two things. Only black people were slaves sold like chattel. (Historically incorrect in Deleware at least.) And only white people were slave owners. If you are in the South we are told only the South had slaves. When we totally ignore that slaves also worked in factories in the North.

        I was never taught about the New York Draft riots that happened after Lincon decided to start the Civil War. .

        The bullshit white guilt narrative we can see it perpetuates hatred and racisn. The problems of the past arent our problems. But activist groups are trying to say those problems are linked.

        But a lot of the White people are the problem, it really echoes the type of racism that existed in Eastern Europe from 1898. Towards Jews. Which there are hereditary traits. As Jews are part of the Coptic Africans.(Light skinned. due to being a slightly colder climate from the rest of the continent. The trading between Europe also led to people falling in love having children.

        The idea of racial purity is so laughable. When you really look at it, none of us are racially pure. We put too much stock in a classification ment to break up a population to observe the differences between the two. I think that the concept of race is outdated. We are all people, dividing us by where our ancestors are from is wrong. Judging people based on that is wrong. I think it is causing problems.

    • OK. My standards are still higher than the original meme, which also provides absolutely zero citations. At least my claims check out. That’s something, no?

      Besides, as I wrote, this was a Facebook post. I’m not going for a Pulitzer here.

  1. Actually those were Arabs who enslaved Europeans during what was known as the Barbary Slave Trade. They were not Blsck Africans though Black Africans were part of the coastal cities and to a small degree part of the slave trade. They were also enslaved themselves by Arab slave traders.

  2. People need to stop with this Barbary slave trade was equal to Trans Atlantic slave trade so black people need to shut up crap. Though it was horrific it was in no way equal. I ask a few questions to those in the know.

    1. We’re Europeans or white’s the only ones enslaved during that slave trade?

    2. Was it Mostly a result of religious warfare between Muslim and Christians with both enslaving each other?

    3. We’re you able to purchase your freedom or convert out of it religiously?

    3. Is there any proof family name or history was stripped away?

    4. We’re there infants used as gator bait?

    I hate that people say slavery was over a hundred years ago get over it as if everything has been good since, or say less than five percent of whites had slaves as if the other 95% had nothing to do with it. When in truth if that were true it wouldn’t have lasted so long and the horrors those slaves encountered would have been swiftly dealt with because of the good white’s that didn’t own slaves would stoop for the slaved HUMAN rights rather than aid in the hanging and rape of the slaves. If they truly had nothing to do with it there would have been no segregation and no need for civil rights movement, no assassination of black leaders, no mistreatment of blacks soldiers on their homeland from those they swore to protect, no media propaganda against them, and one of the worst things every, government agencies putting crack in inner cities, stricken by poverty they created. The list goes on.
    Racism is stupid hands down and I don’t condone it in my house hold. I’m just saying stop trying to justify or down play the man mountains placed in front of the now African Americans because it comes off as racist.

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