I’m an atheist and I have every right to celebrate Christmas

I celebrate Christmas because it’s a tradition I grew up with and enjoy. It brings family, friends, and even strangers together in a time of giving and good will.

I have been told by numerous Christians that I have no right to celebrate this holiday—whose traditions are largely pagan in origin—just because I have different beliefs (or lack thereof). That’s persecution, just like telling African Americans not to celebrate Christmas would be racist. It’s more than mere opinion; it’s oppression.


4 thoughts on “I’m an atheist and I have every right to celebrate Christmas

  1. I am Christian and I know God is good and He is full of love and would really want you to be happy. The sun will shine on both the Christians and none Christians. He is loving as much as He is a just. Paul even said people preach about Christ for different reasons (Phillipians 1vs12-18) and they can celebrate Christmas for whatever reason as well. What I am saying is go and celebrate Christmas with family, friends and strangers. Show love as you always do. As long as people remember that Christ came for us and have this date set (whether correct or wrong) to celebrate, then why not. Someone will get the right message somehow.

  2. Wow. While I’ve heard of atheists choosing not to celebrate Christmas due to it’s religious affiliations, I haven’t heard of one being told that he has no right to celebrate the day due to his lack of such- an attitude that strikes me as rather hypocritical when you consider the fact that a good percentage of Christians celebrate Christmas in a secular/’traditional’ way themselves…

  3. Missnester: Thank you very much for your support.

    Toulouse: That’s exactly what I tried to explain to those who were telling me not to celebrate. They just fell back on, “Well, I have a right to my opinion.” I sincerely wanted to respond, “And I have a right to my opinion as well: Your opinion sucks.” ;)

  4. The following is what I wrote that was ridiculed:

    “Christmas, by one name or another, is celebrated all over the world by Christians and non-Christians alike, and was celebrated even before Christ was born. The date, tree, yule log, mistletoe, gift-giving, Santa, and many other of its customs have pagan origins.

    It’s a wonderful holiday, and no particular person or group can claim to be responsible for it, because it’s a mishmash of traditions. It’s something that was created over the centuries by many different groups of people from different countries, cultures, and religions, which is why I’d like to think we can all enjoy it together, whatever our differences. To me, Christmas is a time to share and to focus on what we already share.

    We, together, are the reason for the season.”

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