Catch you later

It may be a while before I revive this blog. Other matters have taken precedence.


7 thoughts on “Catch you later

  1. Thank you. And I’m looking forward to further discussions with you and others. Distracting personal matters aside, I’m almost through with the four books I’m reading and about a third of the way through the hundred or so articles I’ve stacked up for myself. I intend to come back better informed and with more thorough and structured writings. There are too many incomplete posts and redundant comments here.

  2. Hi, Jason. Hope all’s well – you sound kind of cryptic. Don’t get too philosophical on us. Remember, most of us are mere humans and can’t grasp some of your lofty posts. We do, however, love you just the same. Love is universal after all. :)

  3. How annoying is this? I’ve started my own blog as a reaction to finding yours, before I even know if your interested in hearing from me! Oh well. I’ll probably loose interest by this time next week, and we can all move on.

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