Petition to remove “Fuck the Troops” from MySpace

Today I read a bulletin on MySpace containing a petition to remove a group called “Fuck the Troops.” I responded with a bulletin of my own:

Original text:

“What I’m wanting is your help in Creating a Petition to send to Tom to get this group removed. Anyone who is willing to help please repost this bulletin and I will send a message to Tom from Iraq when I get there.

While I agree that “fuck the troops” is a sad point of view, we have to remember that the purpose of our military is to protect this country and all of its rights and freedoms, including the freedom of speech. Just because you don’t like what someone is saying doesn’t give you the right to censor them.

It would have been helpful if the original post included a link to this group. How else are we supposed to know if the petition is successful if we can’t check to see if the group was removed? I searched MySpace and found it here. [link removed] Note their statement: “We do not hate the troops; we do not support the troops.” It’s a tiny group with only 70 members. Ironically, by petitioning to remove it, people are popularizing it!

Regardless, do me a favor and search for “white power” or “Heil Hitler” or “I hate niggers” or “kill Muslims” or “I hate Muslims” on MySpace. Thousands of results come up. Now why is that OK? Why aren’t there any petitions to remove racist hatemongering groups and profiles? I’ll tell you why. Free speech.

“If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we do not believe in it at all.” -Noam Chomsky

Though I think the group’s title is immature and intended to be shocking with its profanity, I think it’s more immature to use it to justify suppression. And it’s only shocking if we give it too much emotion and attention, which only serves to embolden it.

I posted this here because it’s a very sensitive issue that I expect many will disagree with. Nevertheless, it’s important for me to stand by my views. I’m passionate about the principles that found this nation.


10 thoughts on “Petition to remove “Fuck the Troops” from MySpace

  1. Good for you, Jason.

    I’m reading a good book right now, _Our Endangered Values_, by Jimmy Carter.

    It’s shocking what’s been going on in this country. Erosions of freedom of speech are just the beginning.

  2. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to laugh here. I wrote two replies to honestpoet’s post and both mysteriously disappeared. Er..if freedom of speech is important, does it apply to views we don’t like? Shocking indeed ! :)

  3. You’re free, Khalid, to say whatever you like in your own blog. It’s a blogger’s choice to delete things s/he doesn’t want at her/his own blog. Deal with it.

    I would never, ever, try to keep you silent in your own space.

  4. honestpoet, I find it humorous and tragic , to say the least, that you should, in your post, talk about trying to engage in a “rational” debate and then censor my two responses to it. Don’t you see the irony in that?

    To be honest HP, I haven’t got the time or energy dealing with your petulant attitude. When you grow up, maybe we’ll have a reasonable discussion.



  5. Why is it that our soldiers are over in Iraq fighting for that countries’ sovereignty while there are 5000 plus or minus able-bodied Iraqis right here in Michigan letting our people die for their country?

    There are a lot of “WE THE PEOPLE that feel if the Controlling Powers of the United States of America, will not allow our soldiers the freedom to do what they were trained to do, then let them come home.

    If our military cannot clean up the mess that the Iraqi war has become, in the method that it should be performed, let the new Iraqi government figure it out.

    Bring the troops back home and do a SWEEP ACROSS AMERICA to clean up the terrorist cells that our government knows of, and then PROTECT OUR BORDERS. If it comes down to it, “WE THE PEOPLE” will take up arms along side the military to protect our land.


  6. I was browsing through the net and i came across this discussion about a petition called ‘FUCK THE TROOPS’. Honestly to tell you all the truth this disturbed me greatly considering i know that i used to be just like those people. I used to be against the war in Afganistand or in the states. But I still stand against what America has done over in Iraq they greatly disturb me and theres one too many secrets that are hidden from the entire world. It’s funny because theres such a tremendous difference between the Canadian military and America’s military. I fully support what the Canadian military is doing over in Afganistand and if you all see it as someone who just decided that i changed my mind for no apparent reason this is crap. My father was killed in Afganistand in September. Cpl.Glen Arnold. He was the first medic killed since the Corean war. To tell you the truth i never believed in the troops before i seen it as a problem that would never ever be fixed. My dad left myself, my younger sister and my younger brother and my mother alone. Thankfully we have enough money to support ourselves but the truth is we’d give all that money back just to have him home again. When the CO of the Petawawa Base came to tell my mother and I the news that Glen would not be coming home. First thing i asked was “what happend to him?” he was handing out supply’s to the village kids and a suicide bomber road in and set a bomb off, he died instantly at the age of 34 with so much to live for he was gone so quick. I have met the top soldier “Rick hillier” i have met almost every single person they consider important in the military and honestly i’ve done so much research and I see exactly why Glen honestly loved to be in the military there is so much progress that’s going on in Afganistand, those women and children and men out there NEED THEIR RIGHTS as we all do. Without our troops there they would never have freedom. Anyway i just wanted to write to you all and honestly it is war and it is wrong but we truly are helping them rebuild their country. If the war wasn’t over there it’d end up here in our homes.. thanks for listening.

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