Questions to ponder

Before I advance my current philosophical ideas any further, I think it’s best to cover some underlying territory.

Why question in the first place? What is the motive and what exactly does it accomplish? What would happen next of one did in fact find the answers? (Perhaps part of the reason behind asking questions that could be impossible to answer is that it gives philosophers permanent job security. Their goal is their pursuit. The purpose of searching for truth is the search itself!)

For every belief there are two sides to consider: cause and effect. How did one arrive at the belief? And how does the belief affect one’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior? Moreover, which side is more important to the believer?

What is the value of truth? We assume truth is “good,” but on what grounds? For some, knowledge is a requirement in the pursuit of happiness. For others, ignorance is bliss. Does this suggest that the value of truth is subjective?

The following existentialist notion is repeating itself in my head as I write this. The only truth that matters is the truth one chooses to believe. In other words, truth has no intrinsic value. What matters is what one does with a fact or belief. Every truth is a stepping stone to another truth. (That is, existing truth is utilized for generative truth.)

[Many of these questions are addressed in the comments of two other posts: Richard Dawkins in Lynchburg and Truth is relative]


4 thoughts on “Questions to ponder

  1. I’m not sure everyone does desire happiness (I’ve writen on this in the Comment is Free section of The Guardian..see under contrbutors: Khalid Mir).

    I’ve tried to write a response to some of the excellent points that you have raised on my own blog. [don’t worry, you don’t have to read it! :) ]


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