Fellow liberals, don’t vote Green party

Voting Green party divides the liberals and empowers the conservatives.

I admit if I were to vote purely on principle, I’d probably go green. But the fact is that this country isn’t ready for such an idealistic leap. A gradual transition is necessary. So the only realistic step forward is a Democratic vote.


3 thoughts on “Fellow liberals, don’t vote Green party

  1. Strangely, the “conservatives” do vote on principles. Until the Dems decide what they stand for, and state it clearly, the “conservatives” will have the upper hand. (They know what they stand for; low taxes and oppressing the non-jesus-freaks.) Gary Hart is peddling his new book about this, and as usual, he’s probably right. (I put “conservative” in quotes because it’s become as much of a misnomer as “liberal”.)

  2. I was specifically referring to my own subjective principles and how I might vote if I relied solely on them without considering the political climate. I never said conservatives don’t base their votes on principles. But that’s beside the point.

    As far as I can tell, Democrats are just as decided as Republicans, though both sides use fantastically vague diction to state their positions. I’ve heard Republicans claim that Democrats don’t have a plan for Iraq. But the same could easily be said of the Republicans. “Stay the course” is a slogan. Plans have timetables and milestones. Of all the other important issues that come to mind, there appears to be very distinct bipartisan dichotomies. One side typically wants the opposite of the other.

    Republicans did seem to have more solidarity for a while. But that’s been shaken up with Foley and the rest of the stream of ‘conservative’ scandals along with general opinions and criticisms of the handling of the war in Iraq. If you look at Bush’s approval ratings, you can rest assured there’s disagreement among Republicans.

  3. When it comes to American politics, I completely agree with you. It is extremely crucial, at least in my opinion, to keep the Republicans away from holding every branch of government.

    Up here in Canada, however, voting Green or NDP actually is somewhat useful, since each vote gives extra funding (which is crucial for our relatively small Green Party) and the NDP actually has the opportunity to hold the balance of power in a minority of government (I know this does not make sense to most Americans). Needless to say, our NDP and Green Parties are comparatively extreme compared to American parties and our Conservative and ‘Liberal’ party are basically like the conservative versus liberal wings of the American Democratic party.

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