Election fraud (rant)

There’s new evidence (as if there wasn’t enough already) that the 2000 election was rigged. Clinton Eugene Curtis testified that Florida Republican Representative Tom Feeney hired him to write software to rig voting machines.

More information on the 2000 election fraud: here, here, and here. And then, of course, there’s the 2004 election.

And now for some interesting news about the election currently underway. Already the voting machines are mysteriously changing Democrat votes to Republican votes in Texas and in Florida. Also, Republicans were caught on tape push polling in Tennessee. And ever more voting problems ad infinitum. I repeat: ad infinitum.

I’m sure I’m only preaching to the choir. To the rest these are merely conspiracy theories. They won’t even bother to read them, these stories written by relatively small organizations and concerned citizens. What do they know? Surely the mainstream media knows best. The media that’s funded not by its consumers but by big business. The same big business that individuals in our administration and their family and friends have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in. (Did you know Condoleezza Rice has an oil tanker named after her?)

Don’t bother to take the time to research anything on your own. Trust your convenient television. Trust your politicians, large corporations, and the ultra rich. They have your best interests at heart.


Do most Americans even care? Nah, let somebody else worry about it. I’m just talking to myself here…

…upset that there’s nothing I can do but complain.


2 thoughts on “Election fraud (rant)

  1. Thanks for the link, though I think it may be a little out of context.

    The purpose of my article was to inform voters of the problems inherent in the “new fangled voting machines” and how easy they are to hack.

    The call to action was an email link to Utah’s Lt. Governor demanding a 100% paper-based voting system (no, no hanging chads).

    Funny, no one from the Lt. Governor’s office has contacted me to date.

  2. I may have gone a little link happy in my frustration. It sounds like a more appropriate context for that portion of my rant should have focused on the incompetency of the voting system, instead of tying directly into election fraud. I’ve been using my blog as an emotional outlet more than anything. One of these days I’ll have to patiently sit down and turn my self-inspiring posts into more complete and coherent articles.

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