There’s no substitute for good friends

“In all seriousness Jason, I’ve always felt that the short period of time that we got to write and play music together took me to the next step of musicianship, and I truly thank you for that. Out of all the people in this world that I’ve known, you’re one of the few that I’ve always wanted to get back in contact with again, and if anyone knows about hiding under a rock and hibernating from the world, it’s me…. so believe me when I tell you that there are awesome times to be had and a whole new era of our friendship to begin.”

-Ted Smith (aka Theo), re-establishing contact after ten years


2 thoughts on “There’s no substitute for good friends

  1. This is an interesting passage for me, because I could say nearly the same thing. The period of time that I knew you was one of the most difficult of my life, and since the Fall of 2002, I’ve been a slow slide to nowhere. I went through the motions at Ringling for four years, but I stopped caring and stopped trying. I never graduated. Lucy was gone for almost a year and then came back. We were awkward around each other for a while before we had a couple of good drunken evenings to sort out the baggage of our shared experience. You should have been there too. I think about you occationally, and wonder what you’ve become. You are one of the most brilliant tortured minds I’ve had the pleasure to call a friend, but you have the potential to do anything, or nothing at all. Some things are better left in the past, but some experiences are worth analyzing, and we shared a big one. What happened on Dawson Street was important. Bo was important. It breaks my heart.

    This is deeper than I intended to go with this post, but it’s good to know you’re still analyzing and interperating.

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